As we know most of our display showcase are made of MDF with baking paint, like jewelry,cosmetic,sunglasses,watch and mobile phone and food display I would like to share more details of different types of paint to you .common types of paint like: PE (unsaturated polyester resin coating), PU (polyurethane lacquer), NC (nitrocellulose lacquer), UV (ultraviolet light curing reaction paint).

First, PE (unsaturated polyester resin coating)

Its advantages:

1: It has good hardness and can reach more than 3H.

2: The topcoat can make a high gloss.

3: Good wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance.

4: Fullness is high.

Its shortcomings:

1: The operation ability is more complicated, and there are strict requirements when painting.

2: The adjusted paint activity period is very short, and the adjusted paint must be used within 25 minutes.

3: PE topcoats currently only have bright products.

Second, Polyurethane paint (PU)

Its advantages:

1: fullness, hardness, transparency, have a better performance.

2.The product has high stability.

3: It can be combined with other paint varieties to make different performance effects. It is a paint with excellent comprehensive performance and the most widely used.

Its shortcomings:

1: The construction is worse than NC paint.

2: Fullness and hardness are worse than PE paint.

Third , Nitrocellulose paint (NC)

Its advantages:

1: Dry quickly. The average paint drying time takes 24 hours, while the nitrocellulose paint can be dried in as little as ten minutes. This will greatly save construction time and improve work efficiency.

2: Construction is simple. Nitro-coating is a one-component product that can be sprayed by simply adding the right amount of water.

3: The gloss is stable and less affected by the environment.

Its shortcomings:

1: Fullness is not enough. Due to the low solid content of the nitro coating, it is difficult to form a thick paint film.

2: The hardness is not enough, and the hardness of the nitro coating is generally <2H. 3: The surface of the paint film is not resistant to solvents.Last, UV curable coating

Last : (UV)

Its advantages:

1: It is one of the most environmentally friendly paint varieties.

2: The solid content is extremely high.

3: Good hardness and high transparency.

4: Excellent yellowing resistance.

5: activation period, high efficiency, low coating cost (normal is half of the conventional coating cost) is tens of times the conventional coating efficiency

Its shortcomings:

1: requires equipment to invest large.

2: A sufficient amount of supply is required to meet the production needs. Continuous production can reflect the control of its efficiency and cost.

3: The effect of the roll top coat is slightly worse than that of the PU top coat product.

4: The roll coat product requires the coated part to be flat.

So which one you prefer ? for painting it can be do with different colors for your shop,and make your showcase more eye-catch and attractive.?Y?I??K

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