We are a directly customized furniture factory in Shenzhen city, China. We start this business since 2002 years. We produce mall kiosks , outdoor kiosks, furniture in the shops and so on. One of my customer asked me whether can we provide a new hot dog kiosk and recommend some designs to him selection or not? Of course, we can do it! It is easy for us to do it.

It is an exquisite hot dog kiosk, customer likes it very much. It looks great and not too big. It is suitable to start a small business in mall. The size of this flower shape kiosk is 8ft x 8ft. The main material is plywood with laminate. However, we could design a new kiosk according to your size, material, etc.

Also, you can see the stainless steel toe kick is higher than normal one—cause it is a flower shape. It more complicate than others. Generally, we do countertop as artificial stone. But sometimes, we do countertop as laminate or glossy baking paint. The reason is to meet our customers

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