Shenzhen Unique furniture ltd is a professional customized furniture factory in China. We always customize kiosks, shops, carts, etc for our customers. Due to we have done a variety of different glass kiosks, there are two important summary we would like to share with you guys.

Design glass cabinets not only consider the appearance of the beautiful, but should also consider its practicality. Some designs look like very nice, however, there are many dead space in it. Usually, the dead space come out the end of glass cabinet side. Those dead space are consist of glass cabinets. There are without other furniture to separate those glass cabinets in the corners. In order to avoid this bad situation occurs, we suggest do some corner cabinets between glass cabinets. So they will not block the glass cabinets: not block a half of glass cabinet and lock of glass cabinets. For example, do some wood corner cabinets and open from outside.

Apart from it, another concerns is the lights in the glass kiosks. Light is important thing in the whole cabinet. No matter what glass cabinets or wood cabinets. Customers purchase kiosks for their business to earn money, so the main thing is highlight their products in the cabinet, to attract more clients to buy merchandise. However, the common decorates to display products is use LED lights upon / around products. So it won

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