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New idea marble wall decorate shoes and handbag shop interior design

I have seen a various of handbag shop during I went shopping .I have noticed a new idea handbag stores in the last week .

It is very standing out in around shops .All the shopwindows are the glass,so we can see the interior design when we go by it .

handbag shop handbag shop

Besides,the reception desk and background wall are matched .Both are the black marble.

The LOGO on the the background wall and there are some display racks to show the shoes and hangbags .

Both position with glass display shelfs .So it looks modern and simple .

handbag shop handbag shop

In addition to ,both walls are the white marble with lights and shelves to show the goods .

You can see ,there are some lower display tables and stands.All of them are glass with stainless steel or marble with stainless steel.

handbag shop handbag shop

From above 3D designs,the whole effect is very good and elegant .I think you are also interested in it ,right ? We can design a wonderful shop for you ,as well .

If you have any demand ,please feel free to contact me in any time .

Thank you



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