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Exquisite pharmacy shop design high quality furnitures for store

Pharmacy shop not too much as food shops in the street .However,it is indispensable in our daily life.

We still have done some pharmacy shops in our factory .Some are modern,some are vintage.

Taday, I would like to share one of the pharmacys shop with your guys .

pharmacy shop pharmacy shop

It is simple style ,there are many pillars in it .As for it,we suggest do some display shelves against the pillars.

It will increase the display area to show the products in shop .

Sometimes,in order to make the shop more attractive ,we also add some LED strips in the ceilling and display showcases.

As for how to design the higher display showcase and shorter display showcase?

We design both according to the layout and products.Such as ,we put the shorter display stands in the middle to show the jewelry .Put the higher display showcase against the wall to show the phone products .

pharmacy shop pharmacy shop

What’s more,if you want to do extra walls to do the warehouse ,ceiling etc,then we can do the wooden wall in it.


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