The installation of the mall kiosk is the most important step in the production of the whole process, and it is also the most difficult step.Therefore, each manufacturer should coordinate the pre-installation work in the mall showcase, and the division of labor of the installers should be clear and harmonious. This will ensure the success of the installation project.

We all know that there are more guests in the general shopping mall during the day, so the installation of the showcase can only be carried out when the guests leave at night. The construction at night has more or less influence on the whole installation process, then how can we reduce or avoid problems in the evening installation? It. According to the installation experience of our factory for many years, we summed up some details that need to be paid attention to during the installation process, and gave some reference to all parties.

Preparation before the showcase installation

  1. Factory work

After the production of the kiosks is completed, it is necessary to go through the final factory inspection to check whether all the display props are qualified, whether they can be assembled correctly or not. Also check the packaging of the product to ensure that the packaging is complete and to prevent damage to the product during handling. The display cabinet should be fixed to prevent the product from being damaged by shaking during transportation. Be careful when handling the truck. After the showcase is packed, it is necessary to install the logistics and transportation in advance, and the packaged goods are shipped normally

  • Before shipping

Before it leave, carefully check the tools, materials, equipment, and installers you need to install. It is best to arrange for two people to check each other. Because maybe a person’s inspection will ignore a small thing, two people check multiple guarantees.

3. Construction on site

Before installation, you must go to the mall to handle relevant documents, including construction certificates, specific installation personnel documents, etc. The materials required for the construction permit are: electrician certificate, construction party business license, construction personnel ID card, construction deposit, etc. Before installation, once again, according to the size of the site and the actual size of the showcase, make sure that the specifications are completely correct, the surface of the product is free of scratches, etc., and a comprehensive installation plan should be specified, and the installation should be followed by installation. Follow the instructions to install. During the installation process, attention should also be paid to the hygiene of the customer’s storefront, and care should be taken to protect the ground from damage to the customer’s shopping mall floor.

Acceptance after installation of the showcase

1. The showcase is installed

When cleaning the site, the construction party insists that the props of the showcase are correctly installed according to the drawings to ensure the quality of the project.

2. Shopping mall acceptance

The main reason for the shopping mall is whether it is produced according to the area required by the shopping mall and whether it is produced according to the drawings approved by the shopping mall. Whether the effect of the production can meet the planning requirements of the shopping mall. Including the power supply, whether the wire is made according to the requirements of the mall; the most important thing is whether it destroys the equipment and equipment space of the mall.

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