The principal market of our company are the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, today I would like to share some successful cases in the Westfield shopping mall.

Juice bar kiosk

It is one of the most popular juice bar kiosks in the Australia malls, we have received a lot of inquiries about this kiosk. From the structure, it is consist of two parts: sales area and prepare area. There are white mosaic in the prepare area, it is similar to a kitchen and good for staffs to work in kiosk. Secondly, all the material are high-quality: alupanel, plywood, tile mosaic, wood floor, man made stone, etc. Thirdly, we can see, on the top of walls, it with stainless steel cover and under top is light.

Coffee bar kiosk

It is simple coffee kiosk and different from other coffee cabinets, however, people can focus on it—-all the corners, top , countertop and frame are made of white artificial stone. Meanwhile, the interior part of back countertop is blue tile mosaic.

Eyebrow threading kiosk

Except in the Westfield shopping mall, we have done so many eyebrow threading kiosks in other shopping malls. Below is one of eyebrow threading kiosk in the Westfield. This is famous eyebrow threading kiosk in the Australia

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