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Customized Clothes Store Fixtures and shopfitting for sale

Since 2002,UKS Displays have been helping retail boutique clothing stores by providing affordable high quality store fixtures including clothing racks, wood shelves, tempered glass shelves, glass showcases, register stands, wrap counters, slatwall, gridwall and many other store fixtures, retail displays, and store supplies.For our Clothing Store customers, UKS works with them to bring style, luxury and personality equivalent to their brand offering through store design and clothing store fixtures. As with most retail sectors, the right combination is in a mix of custom retail displays, custom millwork and gondola shelving.

Clothing stores and boutiques use a variety of store fixtures such as boutique clothing racks, collapsible salesman clothing racks, 4-way racks, mannequins & forms, and more, all of the display fixtures can be used to display mens clothes, womens clothes, and different displays has a different functions.

As a clothing display shopfitting manufacturer you know how important merchandising is to making the sale. That